Monday, July 12, 2010

No Libs Hot Dog Cart . . . Part II

On Saturday, I decided to give it another try and track down the dudes of Dapper Dog. Success! Hot dogs abound! Mikey and I both ordered Chicago Dogs (mustard, pickle, relish, onion, tomato, celery salt). While we waited, I checked out the operation: two guys standing back-to-back in a little metal food cart, but they were workin’ it. I hope they make some more money soon and buy a bigger establishment, because I’m sure it’s sweltering in there on a humid Philly night (and I worry about everyone’s hydration levels all the time). After receiving our modestly priced dogs ($3.50 each), we plunked down on the curb to stuff our faces. I was immediately smitten with this hot dog. It was just a perfect dog. Normally, I don’t like the hoagie style roll that this hot dog was served on, but the roll really played a major part in the experience as it held up to the tour de force of toppings. After a “perfect storm” bite where all flavors combined into one lovely mouthful, Mikey declared, “It ruled my world.”

In other news, I continue to be a photo failure and forgot to charge the digital camera. Here are more camera phone pics.

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