Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bacon hot dogs

I kind of consider bacon to be the hot dog's second cousin through marriage, so when the opportunity comes along to get these crazy kids together again, I take it. Mikey just began eating meat again this year, but bacon has understandably climbed very high on his food pyramid. The other night for dinner he made Nathan's hot dogs with bacon and Nathan's mustard on a grilled hoagie roll. Throw in a few tater tots for good measure and you've got yourself a plate full of heaven. I love a man who can cook!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah." The sound of angels singing.

Last hot dogs of the summer

Even though I'm welcoming the 70 degree temperatures, I'm still mourning the loss of summer. This was the last official barbeque of the summer that I attended. Good people, several different kinds of macaroni salad, potato sack races, and hot dogs on the grill. I wasn't even hungry, but barbeques bring out the champion eater in me. I will stuff my face until there are only crumbs and a few stray macaronis left on the table. And stuff, I did.

The largest grill ever

For the power of hot dogs