Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dog Shack, Ocean City, NJ

Editors note: This post is 5 years old and for some reason we never published it. Here is your 5 year old hot dog information, but we have gone there recently. Newer post to follow... maybe. If we get around to it.

We had a lovely lady date in Ocean City, NJ and discovered a new (ed . note: it was new 5 years ago) hot dog spot right on the Boardwalk - The Dog Shack.  It looked pretty new and a Google search revealed that they just opened earlier this season.  The Dog Shack had a really large menu that included several different hot dogs and burgers.  The girl who took our order also offered us a free sample of some sort of watermelon slushie, which probably would have been better with some vodka in it (oh, family-oriented, dry Ocean City).

Old Philly Dog
I was feeling too hot to be adventurous, so I went with the tried and true Chicago Dog.  It came with the traditional toppings, but I was impressed that they got the neon green relish and sport peppers right. Lots of places skimp in this area.  I got mustard all over my hands, but it was delicious and I didn't care about being messy because how can you eat a Chicago Dog and not get messy?

Chicago Dog
We also found something called "Zombie House," which was located in an old peanut store on the boardwalk.  Just in case you're interested more in zombies than hot dogs.  

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